Friday, March 13, 2009

Mary Lou Raffle Quilt "Park Bench Quilters"

I know this has nothing to do with scrapbooking specifically, but it does have to do with supporting a good family friend, my local art community and arts & crafts in general. If you feel interested please keep reading. Who wouldn't love to have a piece of art after only spending $1?!
"Park Bench Quilters"

A long time family friend of mine, Mary Lou Weidman, is an amazing artist and quilter. She is so inspirational to me as a person and as an artist. Once you see what this amazing woman can to with fabric, you'll be just as amazed as I am. She is such a giving person and (as I understand it) drew out the design of the quilt pictured above for the Fiber Artist guild of Spokane,WA/and Idaho who then pieced it all together. The proceed of the raffle will go to cover the cost of their quilt show in April.
If you would like to purchase tickets they are $1 each. Please make your checks out to "Sew Uniquely You" and send to the address below:
Nancy Huck2338
West Courtland
Spokane, WA 99205

She is asking for a self-addressed, stamped envelope from those who would like to have the raffle ticket stubs mailed to them. Otherwise she will keep the stubs from all the out-of-town folks and put their tickets in the bin for the drawing. Don't forget, she needs a phone number or email as a contact.

What a beautiful work of art! It has such great details. I personally love how the feet dangle below the ladies. So clever. Please keep in mind that this a Wall sized quilt. You can read more info. about the raffle and about Mary Lou at her blog found here. I would like to ask you, that if you know of ladies who are into quilting or would just love to add a new piece of art to their home, please pass on this info. to them as the money helps support local artisans in the Spokane, WA/Idaho areas. Thank you so much. Good luck to you all!!!!


  1. This is SO beautiful!!! I'll go check out the link next. And guess what? The ML in my title stands for Mary Lou. : )
    I noticed below you asked for others to share how they organize their crafts. You'll find my ideas in my Archives, under 'My Workspace'.
    So glad you liked my fairy idea. Let me know when you make some yourself. I'd love to see.

  2. This is beautiful. What talent - it's like painting with fabric.

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my pink picnic. So glad you did!
    This quilt is terrific!

  4. This probably take forever to make. I dont do quilting but I sure admire the people who made them. This one is soooo beautiful. Wow!