Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holy Halloween!

I realized, yet again, that I haven't updated in a while. I missed the entire month of September and almost missed October as well! I have been busy, busy, busy and thought I should give a quick update.

I never did get MY laptop fixed. Who knows what happened or what I can do about it. Thus the name change on my blog. I can no long make digital pages (which is one of the main reason I started this blog) so I will continue to express myself in my other crafting areas.

Time is still an issue with me. I never have enough of it:(. The second reason for the name change. I will craft when I can find some time, not a second more or less. This irritates me but it's what I can handle. I must have grown smarter the day I turned 28!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Yep, I had a birthday. Fun was had by all, I have amazing friends and sometimes getting older isn't all that bad.

School is back in full swing. It's a love/hate relationship right now. I get to create more than ever but I wish I had a job instead. Here is a pic of my first project. Love how it turned out!

Now, back to the crafting. I have spent the last 3 weeks sewing an adult Tinkerbell costume, parts for my Cruella De Ville costume, a pirates purse, a Tinker's purse and jacket (creations from my own brain), Halloween coasters, some scrapped fall tags for our table scape and I might sew a few purses between now and November first!

1. Cut out a circle on a piece of paper larger than your everyday drinking glass.
2. Use 2 styles of fabric. And some sort of interfacing. Thickness is up to you. With the remaining scrap fabric cut out shapes if you would like to add "a little something" to your coasters.
3. I know the pic is small, but I cut out a creepy tree, a ghost, a skull and cross bones and a bird.
4. I decided to make life easy on myself and sewed in this fashion. fabric facing down, interfacing, fabric facing right side up. Then sew around the edges. I liked the unfinished edge look. Kinda adds to the creepy aspect.
5. Sew on the design. I didn't sew all the way around my designs. Again, I liked the unfinished look that allowed pieces of the fabric to stick up or move around.


I created a tablescape for our little apartment out of items we had around the house. It was FREE. You can find out more, as see more pics by going to ...

I promise I will post more frequently. I still have a passion to create and with money a little tight (okay, A LOT tight) I will be crafting more than ever. I hope you check back every once and a while for some fun ideas, a few tricks and laughs.