Monday, February 23, 2009

Sporadic Scrap Attack

I just LOVVVVE it when my mom calls me up and says, "Hey! Um? Can you make me a ________?!" Followed by me saying, "When do you need it by?" Mom replies with, "Ah? Now?" So this is what happens following the phone call:

Today it was a 62nd birthday card for my mom's cousin Alinda. It turned out to be a sweet surprise for A as she is usually the one who makes everyone else cards for their special occasion. Alinda was so excited that someone made HER a special birthday card. Happy 62nd Alinda!

The above picture brings out the best in me. I work best in a messy, chaotic sort of organized mess. What can I say? It's sad too, because I have this great creative space that was supposed to keep me uber organized and allow my creative juices to flow. It never happened that way and I am trying to get it back to being UBER organized to allow for faster production of my creations. Some say that organization is key for success. I have yet to have that realization. The pictures below are of my "creative space" taken about 2 yrs ago. However, in its current state it is so unorganized and full of clothes and random collections of supplies that it's utterly unrecognizable. I hope your space is one that you are able to use and enjoy. I'll post pictures of my updated and useable crative space whenever I get around to uncluttering it:)

Please share comments on how you keep your supplies organized. Happy sporadic scrapping! H

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  1. Oh, my gosh, Heather. I was looking at your clean, serene space with some envy. I am somehow relieved to hear that it is now full of other things too. I try very hard to keep my studio/office organized. I work better and feel more creative when it is, but... it is tiny and sometimes gets out of control. Right now is one of those times; so much so that I snapped a picture of it this morning and vowed to take an "after" photo by the end of the day!

    I love your work. Please visit the Mermaids at our Mermaids of the Lake website and blog. and