Thursday, December 31, 2009

Handmade Holiday GIfts 2009

I love Christmas and LOVE helping people have a great Christmas. This year was going to be tough on my budget but I know how to shop for great deals, make my dollar stretch and use my personal creative skills.

Saving money and finding (or making) gifts on a super small budget for family and friends this year was my main goal. I was lucky to find gifts for my niece and nephews under $10. And made gifts for them under $12.00. I ended up making 3 Christmas stockings, 2 pairs of lazy butt pants, 7 Healing Hearts, one arm chair remote control holder and 2 sets of large wall letters.

I used a boys and mens sized pattern to make the lazy butt pants. I ended up only using the boy sizes. They were very true to size and easy to make. I knitted the stockings using circle looms and came up with the way to do it. I tried using the pattern and it just backfired on me. LOL...I never could follow the rules I've always had to make up my own;) I made the Healing Heart and rectangle Healing pack out of scrap fabric.

All in all, the gifts were fairly easy to make, were fun to make and were enjoyed by all.
This week I have started to make my Valentine cupcake wall hanging. I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and have a great New Year. See ya in 2010!

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